Just a thank you

Hey everyone - I have a limited number of readers right now, and I wanted to thank you guys for sticking with me through this phase. I haven't promoted this blog anywhere (yet!) because I'm getting into the groove of it, figuring out my best rhythms for writing, posting, etc, and seeing what sorts of topics resonate. I'm going to tell my broader audience about it once I get into a good routine with this (dunno when that is, probably when I have a couple posts I can feel really good about).
You all are acting as a real-time metric for me to figure out what resonates. Right now, I've noticed that letters to myself (of sorts - posts about the more emotional aspects of art), tend to be resonating more than posts that are more addressed towards students/the pragmatic just-do-xyz.

This is good to know, but it means I'm going to have to open up even more. Eek! I'm going to keep trying to integrate the practical stuff because I do think there's a place for it, but just want you guys to know that I am noticing what you all are drawn to, and I'm taking it into account. Trying to write each morning for this has been a journey! 

Anyway, thanks for reading. Edits and improvements to come as I get better at this. If you have any thoughts about it or comments on how I can improve/books on writing style, feel free to email my at alessandramariaart@gmail.com. I'm no writer, and I'm hoping to get better!